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SozSys 14 (2008), H. 1


14 (2008), H. 1

William Rasch (ed.), "Tragic Choices": Luhmann on Law and States of Exception


William Rasch
Introduction: The Form of the Problem


Niklas Luhmann
Are There Still Indispensable Norms in Our Society?
(complete article as pdf-file)


Niklas Luhmann
Beyond Barbarism


Chris Thornhill
On norms as social facts: A view from historical political science


John Paterson
The Fact of Values


Niels Werber
A Test of Conscience. Without Indispensable Norms: Niklas Luhmann’s War on Terror


William E. Scheuerman
“Against Normative Tone-Deafness”


Costas Douzinas
Torture and Systems Theory

Hans-Georg Moeller
“Human Rights Fundamentalism”. The Late Luhmann on Human Rights

Andreas Philippopoulus-Mihalopoulus
On Absence: Society’s Return to Barbarians


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